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6 Questions Companies Ask Us About Discovery.

6 Questions Companies Ask Us About Discovery.

Scope, Timeline, Budget? Check, Check, and Check.
Ignacio Vago

Posted by Ignacio Vago

on October 26, 2023 · 4 mins read

Common Questions

When it comes to discoveries many companies have questions for us. Luckily we have answers! After reading this post you’ll be able to answer the following questions:

  • What Is A Discovery Process?
  • Why Should We Carry Out A Discovery Process?
  • What Deliverables Can We Expect From Our Discovery?
  • How Long Does A Discovery Take?
  • What happens if we already have a clear project idea? What happens if we skip it?
  • Why Carry Out Your Discovery Process With Mutt Data?

What Is A Discovery Process?

If you’re considering implementing an ML or AI project for the first time, or if you’re implementing new capabilities in order to scale, chance is you’re facing or have faced some of the following questions:

🧰 Which Tools, Tech, and Best Practices Available Today, Should I Pick For My Project? ⛰️ How big is this project? ⏳ How long will the implementation process actually take? 💸 How much will it end up costing? 📈 What measurable impact can we expect from the project? 🚀 What additional value will this project bring to our organization?

Essentially it all comes down to:

  • Scope (What you’ll achieve)
  • Timeline (How long it’ll take)
  • Budget (What It Will Cost)
  • Roadmap (How you'll achieve it)

A Discovery process aims to answer all these questions before implementation. It is a systematic approach based on proven agile frameworks and best practices used to explore and understand requirements, constraints, and challenges. It’s a comprehensive 360° understanding of the project’s needs, enabling informed decision-making, accurate planning, and successful execution. The result is a tailor-made detailed diagnostic report and roadmap. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Why Carry Out A Discovery Process?

benefit table

What Outcomes or Deliverables Can We Expect from Our Discovery?

After Discovery you will leave with a clear diagnostic and proposed tailor-made roadmap for project implementation. These documents include but are not limited to:

  • A comprehensive account highlighting areas for improvement, current risks, and concerns.
  • A Technological Obsolescence Matrix
  • A Deployment, Evolution, and Team Management Plan.
  • A Modern Data Stack Implementation Plan with Detailed Cloud Configuration.
  • An Architecture Proposal along with Architectural Decision Records (ADRs).
  • Insights into Cost Reduction Opportunities.
  • A Technological Evolution Overview.
  • Tailored Comprehensive Industry Research relevant to your use case.
  • Guidance on KPI-based Model Evaluation.
  • Recommendations and Best Practices.

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TLDR: The bottom line is, that after it’s done you’ll leave with:


Following the diagnostic process, you will receive a comprehensive report highlighting improvement areas, risks, concerns, pipelines, architecture details, and a risk assessment matrix for your current tech setup.

Tailored Proposals

Identified areas of improvement, proposed data architecture, deployment and team management plan, cost reduction opportunities, detailed cloud configuration, and technological evolution benefits.

Research and Best Practices

Our Full-time Discovery Experts conduct tailored research, apply robust ML techniques, guide model evaluation, and follow best practices in security, deployment, testing, and versioning.

How long does the discovery phase typically take?

The duration of a discovery phase can vary depending on the unique needs and context of each business. However, it typically takes between 3 to 8 weeks to complete.

Remember it’s 3-8 weeks in exchange for an expertly curated plan, roadmap, tool selection, and crystal clear, scope, cost, and timeframe.

Sounds like a good deal? Psssttt…. It is!

What happens if we already have a clear project idea? What happens if we skip the discovery phase?

A Discovery is not about changing a project idea but rather about diving into the underlying technologies, issues, and systems that will allow your team to achieve its goals. A clear project idea will facilitate discovery by allowing us to tailor our research and analysis from the get-go.

Skipping discovery can negatively impact your development process. It’s like diving into a pool without knowing its depth. Without discovery, chosen technologies or tools could detrimentally influence performance later or unexpected issues might break development altogether. Without a discovery, you have no way of knowing if your work will truly be efficient and will probably incur costs beyond the initial cost of discovery.

Why Carry Out The Discovery Process With Mutt Data?

Our discovery process isn’t composed of randomly selected individuals or experts pulled from other projects. Instead, we’ve assembled a dedicated D-Squad team consisting of highly experienced professionals who have received specialized training for this exact purpose.

They know where to look and how to address underlying issues. Think of them as your in-house, specialized mechanics. They’ll know what that weird little noise is, why the light on the dashboard never seems to go away, and how to disassemble and reassemble everything to get your business running at its full potential.

We have conducted successful discovery processes and subsequently implemented solutions for industry leaders like Mercadolibre, Etermax, ClassDojo, MODO, Uala, Addi, D-Local, Sirum, Trafilea, Kayzen, and many more.

Wrapping Up!

Discovery paints the picture, unveiling your project's scope (what you'll achieve), timeline (how long it will take), and budget plan (what it will cost). This is where your vision transforms into a concrete roadmap.

Challenge us! We're ready for all your "what ifs", "hows", and "whys". Get in touch with an expert!