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Raising The Bar: We Are AWS Advanced Partners

Raising The Bar: We Are AWS Advanced Partners

Partnership News!
Pedro Ferrari

Posted by Pedro Ferrari

on May 17, 2023 · 2 mins read

Raising The Bar: We Are AWS Advanced Partners

Our Amazon Web Service (AWS) journey kicked off in 2020, back when the pandemic had the world on edge, Chat GPT had yet to take the stage, and Argentina hadn't yet lifted the World Cup trophy. As a young and ambitious firm, Mutt Data was already working hard to lead its clients toward an AI-powered future.

To accomplish our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence goals, we needed tech partners who shared our #DataNerd enthusiasm. So, let's rev up the DeLorean and take a quick trip down memory lane with Dr. Brown!

Where It All Started: AWS Select Partners

In 2020, our team achieved AWS solution architect certifications, representing our industry expertise and adherence to high standards. Soon after, two of our projects were published on the AWS platform, including our work with Latam Fintech, Ank, and renowned Edtech Expert, ClassDojo.

Becoming RDS Specialists

In 2022, we specialized as Relational Database Service Specialists, meeting rigorous certification criteria that included project analysis and ensuring industry standards were met. Amazon RDS simplifies setting up, operating, and scaling a cloud-based relational database, supporting popular engines like MySQL and PostgreSQL. It's cost-efficient, adaptable, and automates tedious tasks. We’ve applied it in healthcare and financial services projects, offering fast deployment, high availability, reliability, and security with built-in replication, backups, and security features.

“Becoming an AWS RDS Partner is a crucial milestone that confirms our proficiency, investment in our team, and commitment to continuously improving for our clients. This partnership grants us access to more tools and resources, enabling us to deliver even more value to clients. We're excited to keep growing with AWS to provide the best solutions for our clients.”

Juan Mateo De Monasterio, Co-Founder and CRO at Mutt Data

Becoming AWS Advanced Partners

Jump back to the present day, we can now officially call ourselves Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partners. Thanks to all the hard work and effort that went into this certification, we are now better equipped than ever to help our clients achieve their goals.

What’s Next For Mutt Data?

Our latest milestone is exciting. Delivering excellent service and guiding clients toward AI and intelligent automation at scale remains our top priority. The next AWS partnership certification is Premier Tier Status and we are already working towards it. This will unlock access to additional specialized tools, services, and projects to continue enhancing our client experience.

With 35+ AWS specialists, 30+ implementations, and 80+ successful projects, we offer reliable guidance, access to the latest best practices, technologies, and tools, and plan, develop, and nurture AI, ML, and Data capabilities without hidden costs.

Wrapping Up

Mutt Data can help you crystallize your data strategy through the design and implementation of technical capabilities and best practices. We study your company’s business goals to understand what has to change so we can help you accomplish it through a robust technical strategy with a clear roadmap and set of milestones. Talk to one of our sales reps at or check out our sales booklet and blog.