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Mutt Data & Partner Up

Mutt Data & Partner Up

Partnership News!
Pablo Lorenzatto

Posted by Pablo Lorenzatto

on April 21, 2023 · 2 mins read

We're Excited To Announce Our New Partnership!

Partnerships are integral to Mutt Data's mission of enabling companies to transition into an AI-driven future by implementing large-scale intelligent automation. This is why we are excited to announce our technology partnership with, the open-source leader in AI and automatic machine learning.

They are expert providers of open-source and commercial AI and ML platforms used to build and deploy AI and ML models at scale. will be a great partner to further our work, designing, building, and implementing ML solutions to help companies become data-driven.’s AI enthusiasts share our passion for driving innovation. Their mission is to democratize AI for everyone by enabling customers to rapidly innovate to solve complex business problems and accelerate the discovery of new ideas.

We’re excited to unleash the full potential of this partnership, our expertise in ML and AI combined with’s cutting-edge tool suite will further enable us to empower organizations to boost their businesses with data.

Pablo Lorenzatto, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Mutt Data.


With an impressive roster of over 20,000 companies worldwide leveraging their suite of tools, almost half of the Fortune 500 lineup as their users, and esteemed partnerships including Microsoft, IBM, Nvidia, Databricks, and Cloudera, chances are you’ve come across is a top-tier AI cloud software company that delivers open-source and commercial AI and Machine Learning platforms. Their platforms enable businesses to build and deploy AI and ML models at scale to become data-driven. Through their suite of tools, such as H2O, H2O Driverless AI, Document AI, H2O MLOps, and Hydrogen Torch, allows business users to extract insights from data with limited know-how or expertise.

Our partnership will grant our clients access to a suite of tools that combined with our expertise will further improve their processes, infrastructures, and access to data-driven insights and decision-making.

About Mutt Data: Guiding Companies Into An AI-Fueled Future

Mutt Data is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner dedicated to guiding companies into an AI-Fueled future by building Modern Data Systems that combine the latest technologies and best practices in Cloud Infrastructure, Data Architecture, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning.

With over twenty-five years of collective experience building big data architectures and eight years implementing machine learning systems, Mutt Data’s team of more than one hundred data science and engineering experts has already implemented more than eighty AI and data-based projects.