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Interviewing Our Knowledge Lead

Interviewing Our Knowledge Lead

The Mutter Files
Alejandro Rusi

Posted by Alejandro Rusi

on April 17, 2023 · 4 mins read

Meet Ale!

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We're always looking for new and fun ways to show what working at Mutt Data actually looks like, and then it hit us: Why not ask the Mutters themselves what working at Mutt Data is all about? After all, they're the ones who make our onboarding, Annual Mutt Day, Trip, and Data Office Hours so memorable. Let’s start off easy, break the ice. Ready for a flash round?

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Let’s start with a quick trip down memory lane… How did your journey at Mutt Data Begin?

I first joined Mutt Data as a Data Engineer. I’ve had the luck to work with Big Data systems since the beginning of my career. The fact that I’m calling it Big Data when it’s not the popular term anymore should denote my age 🧓

But my first task at Mutt wasn’t to build a Data Pipeline: it was to build its Handbook and create an Onboarding process that any new tech employee could take. I’ve always been passionate about education, so I absolutely adored collaborating on the Handbook, Onboarding and later on this very blog.

After some time working with projects, an opportunity came up: to work full time as a Knowledge Lead.

What Was It About Mutt Data That Made You Take The Job?

When I first joined as a Data Engineer it was their modern and non-conventional way of doing things: everyone is up for discussing new ideas, give constructive feedback and just having a good time while at work. Plus it wasn’t common for any company to be 100% remote during 2019!

Now it’s much more common to have 100% remote companies, but those original values still very much apply: it’s an open space where new ideas and initiatives are always welcome and celebrated.

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What Is Your Go-to Resource For Staying Up To Date with The Tech Industry?

I get most of my news and articles from Hacker News, but I also greatly enjoy listening to tech podcasts. It’s a good way to stay up to date while getting some fresh air.

I really recommend going through Airbyte's The Evolution of The Data Engineer: A Look at The Past, Present & Future and listening to Speeding Up Your DataFrames With Polars from the Real Python podcast.

What do you enjoy most about your role? What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced yet?

I love getting to know every Mutter that joins the company, even when I’m not always in charge of their Onboarding. I’ve learned from every Mutter who has joined the company.

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My biggest challenge was to scale our Onboarding operations during 2022, where +50 new Mutters joined the company. Thankfully I’ve had the amazing help of many other Mutters who became Onboarding Mentors, I couldn’t have done it without them!

What does it take to beat those challenges? How do you do it?

Trying to keep a positive attitude and being open with your team and peers: sharing your victories and defeats always helps!

What would you say makes Mutt Data a great place to work?

Its people and culture that cultivates and celebrates spaces like Data Office Hours, Machine Learning Competitions and internal projects is one of a kind.

What keeps you excited to come to work?

Getting to do something new every day: Onboarding a new Mutter, working on the Handbook, finding out about new learning technologies that might help the company to even creating a career path for the company.

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What would you tell someone thinking about entering the world of tech startups?

Do it! It provides an invaluable experience unlike any other.

What would you say to #DataNerds thinking about working at Mutt Data? Any advice for applicants?

Read Joaco’s and Javi’s post about “Nailing the take home exam”.

I don’t like to self promote, but if you’re really new to the world of Data read my post on “Data Engineering Fundamentals”. And remember that it’s even better to build something that you find interesting rather than to complete yet another tutorial!

Wrapping Up!

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