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3 Takeaways From Our Annual Mutt Day

3 Takeaways From Our Annual Mutt Day

Annual Mutt Day 2023
Marianela Paniagua

Posted by Marianela Paniagua

on February 24, 2023 · 4 mins read

Getting A Sense Of What Our Annual Mutt Day is All About

And just like that, it was that time of the year again! The highly anticipated Annual Mutters Day (AMD). For two whole days, our whole team was jetted off to Buenos Aires to talk shop, vision, strategies, and of course, enjoy some seriously delicious food and fun activities.

So why do we look forward to our AMD so much? We love our async remote work setup, but our AMD is a unique opportunity to bond face-to-face and make some amazing memories.

Here are three takeaways from 2023’s Annual Mutt Day:

#1 We've Grown... A Lot...

Fitting in at Mutt Data has always been an easy task, but fitting into the camera frame was a rather daunting challenge this time around.

amd 01

Saying we’ve grown is a bit of an understatement. This AMD we had to level up and rent out a bigger space. Arriving at the event, it was like a scene from a soccer match - Mutters everywhere, all moving in the same direction. But the real surprise came when we tried to snap a group picture. It was a real-life game of Tetris as we squeezed in, and the photographer had to keep inching back to fit us all in the frame.

A lot has changed since Mutt started (with exception of our logo, that’s been epic since day one) but it’s not just our team count. We’ve gone from:

  • Four founders with an idea to a team of more than one hundred Mutters’ working together from around the globe to guide companies into an AI-fueled future.
  • One client to having worked with global companies across more than eight different industry verticals including E-commerce, Edtechs, Fintechs, Healthcare, Gaming, Telecoms, and Supply Chain & Logistics.
  • Flying solo to partnering up with Amazon Web Services, Astronomer, Kaszek, and with more to come.
  • A purely technical team to having full-time dedicated Opeartions, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Knowledge, Talent Acquisition, and People Care teams.
  • Being purely ML & AI consultancy focused to exploring possible products, and having an internal projects team for future developments.
  • Having no blog or in-house content creation to having more than 50 posts published, whitepapers, video content, and an upcoming webinar!

And we are not stopping there. Our founders and area leads were eager to hype us with what’s to come!

amd 02

#2 Core Values: The Secret Sauce To A Thriving Company Culture

Skills can be taught, especially among our team of #DataNerds! But our core values are the secret sauce to everything we achieve at Mutt Data. They influence everything we do - from the planning we put into our company days to our meme competitions, our hiring process, and how we deliver A-class consultancy services to companies around the globe.

amd 03

While we clearly love our awesome merch, we don't need tshirts or stickers to identify other mutters. We have a shared set of values and ways of working that is clear to see in our day-to-day interactions and even more so when there's a hundred of us nerding out together:teaching and learning, taking ownership, and having a blast.

amd 04

#3 Remote Async Works... You Just Have To Do It Right!

We may not see each other every day, but when we do it seems like it’s been no time at all.

amd 05

Our team and culture have never been stronger! And the secret to our success? It's not about where we work from, but rather the values, best practices, and tools that support our chosen work methodology.

Thanks to our remote setup, we're able to cast our hiring net wider than ever before. This means we get to handpick passionate Mutters from a talent-filled globe, and build a team that truly embodies our values and mission.

One of the unexpected benefits of remote work is that it has forced us to be more deliberate and clear in our communication. And as a result, we've seen higher levels of commitment and engagement from our team. Plus, with uninterrupted deep focus time (a scarce resource in traditional offices), we've been able to unleash our creativity and produce work of even higher quality.

And while we may see each other less frequently, it only makes those moments when we do come together all the more special. So here's to the power of remote work, and to the amazing team and culture we've built at Mutt Data!

Wrapping Up!

Don't worry, the fun's not over yet! Stay tuned for our upcoming Annual Mutt Day Video!

Oh, and before you go, Mutt Data is always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion for solving complex problems. If you're someone who thrives in a fast-paced, agile environment and loves tackling challenges head-on, then apply!

Head over to our Lever account and check out our current job openings.

amd 06