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How Machine Learning On Demand Can Save Your Company Time And Money

How Machine Learning On Demand Can Save Your Company Time And Money

Is Expanding Your Data Engineering Team The Real Solution?
Mateo De Monasterio

Posted by Mateo De Monasterio

on February 1, 2023 · 3 mins read

Is Expanding Your Data Engineering Team The Real Solution?

Assembling a top-performing team is a challenging task for any tech leader. From identifying the technical skills and qualifications needed for a role to navigating the recruitment and onboarding process to managing and evaluating performance, the hiring process presents multiple obstacles.

When Developing An Internal Team Might Makes Sense

Before committing to expanding or building an internal tech team, it is important for organizations to evaluate if it is the best and most efficient decision for the company. While hiring can be challenging, there are certain circumstances where it is a viable option and even makes sense. Examples include:

  • When data or AI is core to the organization's product value proposition.
  • When the organization is already large, and has an abundance of internal data or AI-related initiatives that boost other team's productivity and goals, generally for larger organizations ~ 700 plus employees
  • When the project at hand is critical to the overall stability of the business.

Why Developing An Internal Team Might Not Make Sense

Chances are your organization does not meet the mentioned conditions. For example, if your company sells shoes online, data is probably a means to an end, not the end itself. So, when and why should you start considering alternatives?

  • When the primary offering of your organization is not data or AI-based, data can be considered as a tool rather than the main focus of the business.
  • When resources are limited, whether it be in terms of time, personnel, funding or financial reserves.
  • When a project is crucial for obtaining additional funding or for resolving a pressing issue that needs to be addressed quickly to allow for growth or development of capabilities and teams.

So, why should you consider the alternatives? Hiring is a significant burden that also incurs significant costs in terms of resources. In addition to the direct costs associated with labor, there are many hidden costs, particularly those related to time, that are often overlooked.

  • Founders and/or high-level executives actively participate in the hiring process and its many steps.
  • When suitable candidates are identified, the company must prepare and present job offers, engage in negotiations, and wait for the candidates to complete their exit from their current positions. This process can take several weeks on average.
  • When a successful hire is made, the company still has to go through the onboarding process which involves the costs of the non-operational candidate as well as the cost of the structure and employees who must allocate time to train the hire. Onboarding can typically take several months and incurs high costs.

When everything is taken into account, a lot of resources have been expended to expand a data engineering team, and even after the new team is fully operational, it can take several months to get the desired target system productive.

In the current market, where tech companies are working to optimize their operations, the hiring process has become a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

Machine Learning & Data Engineering On Demand

So, what's the alternative? Instead of expanding an engineering team and incurring long-term costs, why not hire a specialized expert team to address specific issues while keeping costs under control?

At Mutt Data, we provide Data Engineering and Machine Learning on Demand services. We have already done the work of selecting, hiring, and training top-notch data scientists and engineers, saving you time, effort and money. Our team of experts, who are aligned with your time zone, possess both autonomy and exceptional knowledge and are capable of designing and implementing operating projects within four months guaranteeing:

  • No Overhead
  • No Hidden Costs
  • No Hand-Holding
  • No Do-Overs

Strict About The Outcome. Flexible About The Process.

AI implementations are challenging and commonly failure prone, even when successful they require large amounts of time and money. This is why we recommend consulting with autonomous experts who can proactively propose solutions. We've climbed the AI mountain many times - we know what to look out for, we are experts in planning, organizing, developing, and nurturing all the necessary AI and data capabilities for the climb. We free resources for your company and implement cost-friendly solutions so that you can leapfrog your ascent and focus your time and energy on reaching the next growth summit.

Precise budget and no hidden costs. Get to work right away, save time and minimize risk with an autonomous, self-managed team that can work proactively from day one.

Your on-demand data team Mutt Data can help you crystallize your data strategy through the design and implementation of technical capabilities and best practices. We study your company’s business goals to understand what has to change so we can help you accomplish it through a robust technical strategy with a clear roadmap and set of milestones. Talk to one of our sales reps at or check out our sales booklet and blog.

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