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The Mutter Files

The Mutter Files

Interviewing Our Tech Lead
Ignacio Vago

Posted by Ignacio Vago

on July 15, 2022 · 6 mins read

Meet Dami

We’re always racking our brains for new and fun ways to show what working at Mutt Data actually looks like. Usually this involves asking different Mutters about different experiences at Mutt like our onboarding, our Annual Mutt Day, Annual Mutt Trip, and most recently, Data Office Hours. The common thread in all of these events? Mutters. Which got us thinking? Why not start a new series in our blog: The Mutter Files.

Throughout the year, we will be releasing interviews with Mutters who work in different areas on different projects to give you a taste of what Mutt is really all about. Without further ado, meet Dami!

Let’s start off easy, break the ice. Ready for a flash round?

Hobbies? Soccer, Reading, Learning

Favourite Dog? Preto

Favourite Book? The Brothers Karamazov. I highly recommend it!

Favourite Vacation Spot? This is the one question I will never be able to answer, I love too many places.

tmf 03

Let’s start with a quick trip down memory lane… How did your journey at Mutt Data begin? What’s Happened since?

A few years back, I had the opportunity to work jointly with the Mutt Data team. At the time, they were still in their formative stages. Their team focused on the Data Science part of things, and my team addressed data engineering. This was my first point of contact with the founders. We kept in touch. Our conversations always had that perfect techie vibe where I felt we were all on the same page and had the same drive.

Not long after, I left my old job and started working on some “collab” work with Mutt. At first, specific problems and projects. It wasn’t long until I started searching for a full-time job again.

I was pretty advanced in various job applications. The founding team was very comprehensive; even as I considered different job offers, they gave me their honest opinion about each one. Going as far as commenting on the ones they thought were a better fit for me. Eventually, they insisted and convinced me to jump on board permanently at Mutt Data.

What was it about Mutt Data that made you want to apply for a job here?

The deal-breaker for me was the Mutt Data Vibe. Working with the founders let me see the work culture first-hand. It didn't take much convincing. It was clear there was potential for building a great team here.

tmf 04

Additionally, the clients Mutt was working with, and the specific projects the team was aiming to work on were both strong points for me.

Now that you’ve been a Data Nerd for quite some time, what do you think has made Mutt Data the right fit for you?

I think there's no one reason in particular. It's a combination of factors starting with the challenge and the type of projects we get to work on, which allow me to work not only with current technologies but also get me investigating all types of new tools.

Challenging work and cool tools aside, none of this really matters without a great team in place. In my opinion, this means diversity. At Mutt, we have all types of profiles, and that's probably one of Mutt's greatest assets. You will never stop learning because there is always an experienced person with something to teach. As I said, it's hard to pick one reason, but the love for learning and collaborating at Mutt, regardless of seniority, is truly astounding.

As Tech Lead in such a dynamic environment and fast-paced industry, what do you enjoy most about your role? What are its biggest challenges?

What I enjoy most is getting to help out on different projects at a cross-level. I get to work on things that are noticeably different. I get to learn how to implement all kinds of solutions in a variety of sectors. It's extremely valuable. These projects keep me constantly learning and give me the chance to iterate solutions.

The greatest challenge is achieving synergy between current processes and solutions and new technologies and tools. It implicates understanding when it makes sense to implement new solutions, new tools, or changes.

What does it take to beat those challenges? How do you do it?

Luckily we have the time to address these challenges through investigation, certifications, studying, etc. We also have several internal opportunities to reach solutions like Data Office Hours, PoC, and project revisions.

Many challenges, are solved through our slack channels, where mutters actively participate in different conversations. They also make it easy to have a general sense of what's going on in different projects.

Above all, it's a question of vocation. You have to be genuinely interested in the sector, continually investigating and studying different papers, solutions, and tools that allow you to connect the dots between current projects and potential projects.

What would you say makes Mutt Data a great place to work?

The team, our work culture: being async, written-first, remote, result-oriented. I also think it has to do with the type of projects we get to work on and, of course, the vision and transparency of the company leaders.

At one point, you left Mutt Data and came back. What pulled you back?

After some time working at Mutt, I decided to take some time to focus on some personal objectives. I never really fully left Mutt. I always remained in contact, sporadically collaborating on some cases.

I checked some objectives of my personal to-do's, and decided to come back. I was mainly motivated by the team, which had grown a lot. It was also the new challenges Mutt was facing. I was happy to see that although the company had grown, most of the original team was still there. I think that says a lot about the company culture.

What would you tell someone thinking about entering the world of tech startups?

The first thing I'd tell anyone is: "give it a go, try it out."

I'm certain that whatever your experience ends up being, you will have at the very least met tons of interesting people and learned a bunch. Learning is inherent to the company dynamic of tech startups.

tmf 06

The startup dynamic is contagious because you are constantly surrounded by people with drive, thinking, trying, failing, and starting all over again regularly.```

What would you say to Data Nerds thinking about working at Mutt Data? Any advice for applicants?

If you consider yourself a Data Nerd, it's a no-brainer!

You will be a part of a diverse team working on data projects using best practices, ranging from data science to data engineering. It's a great chance to work on e2e projects using a variety of cool tech stacks.

Not to mention it's a super active community. Knowledge is generated and shared all the time.

Any chance you’re looking for new Mutter’s in the tech crew?

We’re always hiring! You can check out our open positions on our Lever account.

Do you have any recommendations for people looking to get to know Mutt Data?

Luckily for people looking to join Mutt Data there's a lot of written material on our culture, our onboarding process, our Annual Mutt Day and Mutt Trip, Data Office Hours and much more. You can also read about some of our internal technical projects such as Muttlib or SoaM and even specific case studies about our work with ANK and ClassDojo.

If you’re an avid reader you might also be interested in our featured articles on different media outlets like Infotechnology, Infobae and LaNacion..