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5 Reasons to join the Mutt Data Team

5 Reasons to join the Mutt Data Team

Plus A Sneak Peek At Our Hiring Process
Mateo De Monasterio

Posted by Mateo De Monasterio

on May 26, 2021 Β· 8 mins read

5 Reasons To Join The Mutt Data Team

A Bit Of Context...

First things first, you might be wondering what it is we do... So here's a little introduction to Mutt Data:

We help companies drive business value developing automated data products. We offer end-to-end functional solutions and the skills needed to maintain and execute them by working together with our clients. Some examples of automated data products we've designed include:

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We go into work everyday because we believe there's a better way to grow businesses with ML based systems. We enjoy the challenge of getting things done in a way that offers more long term value to our clients using our know-how and high-performing specialized team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

Everything we do, we do taking into consideration our values

  • We Are Data NERDS. We share a passion for evolving and learning, we champion technology craftsmanship and we enjoy being challenged.

  • We Have A Positive Mind-set. We are optimistic and easy going, we are humble and take failures as learning opportunities and we care for others and help them grow through candid and kind feedback.

  • We Are Open Team Players. We understand a team is greater than the sum of its parts, we believe in async, open communication and we build long-lasting winning teams with our clients.

  • We Focus On Efficient Execution. We adapt our teams, tools and solutions as a whole to ensure we deliver durable business value to each of our clients. We don't just execute, we innovate with custom end-to-end solutions.

Where We're At πŸ—ΊοΈ

Currently we're a team of +30 Data Nerds working at the forefront of Machine Learning, AI and Big Data problems.

We work with local companies such as Naranja X and ANK as well as international clients such as Mercado Libre and Claro.

We've achieved a greater than 100% revenue increase YoY, we've doubled our workforce hiring eight new mutters during the year's first quarter alone and taken on more than 4 new projects in the last 4 months.


The Next Frontier πŸ––

We aim to work on 15 new projects, double our earnings as well as our team count in 2021. We're looking for new Data Nerds in the following areas: Data Developer, Machine Learning Engineer and Data Architect.

5 Reasons To Join Mutt Data

1. Positive Work Environment πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

Our work environment is made up by our relationships, the following are just some of things we do to keep it positive:

  • We recognize good work and out of the box thinking.
  • We generate open spaces and channels to discuss ideas, both work and non-work related.
  • We trust our teams, we allow for full ownership and autonomy trusting that priorities are properly communicated and will be taken care of.
  • We acknowledge enthusiasm, we try to create opportunities for mutters' to work on projects they like, particpate in internal software initiatives, give technical talks and even write blog posts on topics they find interesting.
  • We share work but we also share downtime, we take part in gaming nights, lunches and random coffee breaks.
  • We have a collaborative culture that means sharing documents, work and tasks so people can help each other out. When we suggest something we do it through well thought out messages with examples and questions to get the ball rolling instead of comments without substance.
  • We're flexible, taking mutters' schedules into account. Many of our team members teach and/or study.
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2. Innovation & Continous Learning πŸ§ͺ

Our work process involves designing solutions that best fit our client needs. Sometimes this means thinking outside the box. We solve complex problems with state of the art solutions and complex toolings such as object tracking in video, machine learning over graphs, Adtech optimization and reinforcement learning between others.

In order to drive innovation in AI and the digital world itself, it's important for us to continously learn and experiment. For this reason, we have full-time dedicated channels to share and discuss articles, papers, talks and anything related to innovation in Big Data and Machine Learning.

We also have data office hours where we separate some time to specifically tackle a theme or subject that all nerds find interesting.

We push for continuous learning from day one. Each new Mutter goes through an internal, self-paced and hands-on onboarding process. Mutt Academy aims to be collaborative; this means when a new team member graduates the onboarding process they do so by contributing additional new knowledge that was not part of the corpus before.

We keep up to date with the latest tools and developments in our field, it's not uncommon for Mutters to recommend noteworthy solutions when someone has hit a blocker. Additionally, we also participate in open source software, having recently published Muttlib, a library with helper code to start data-related projects by Mutt Data.

P.S. Stay tuned to our blog, more on Muttlib and it's launch coming soon!

Additionally, many mutters and our founders teach different courses in renowned universities as well organizing and participating in data meetups and regularly writing content (blogposts, whitepapers, etc). Sharing knowledge and teaching is part of our culture at Mutt Data.

3. Team Driven & Multi-Disciplinary πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§

Complex projects and solutions require multi-disciplinary teams that can work together as one. As our startup values state: "We Are Open Team Players", this means understanding that a team is greater than the sum of its parts. In order to scope, plan, prepare the data, build a custom solution, deploy it and finally optimize, we need a variety of different team members with different areas of expertise.

We seek to design great teams that are complementary, allowing each member to shine showcasing his/her strengths. The end result is a team effort, there are no heroes. We make this clear from the very first day at Mutt, allowing us to have each other's backs and work in a trusting environment.

This also includes working together with the client's teams in unison, listening to all inputs, supporting each other, exchanging ideas and learning and challenging each other constantly.

Ideas need to flow with as little friction as possible, being open means trusting each other and being ready to challenge contrasting opinions. Our teams discuss, challenge and own all their decisions. We strive to lower technical debt and do things "the right way", caring for the long-term viability of business value. Our teams love the problem-solving journey owning solutions from idea to production.

4. We Are A Remote Startup 🏑

We were remote before it was mainstream, we believe that efficient execution can't be measured by the amount of hours people spend in an office. Instead we're completely results-driven. We achieve this through open and inclusive communication channels, the use of auxiliary apps such as Slack and Trello and applying verbosity as a principle.

Being a startup means working on a lot of interesting problems, we encourage people to take initiative and tackle them without asking for permission to do so.

However, although we incentivize communication, there is an important distinction to be made: remote does not mean being on calls all day. We keep communication as efficient and async as possible. We cherish focus time. To read more on our remote experience at Mutt Data check out our blogpost on Annual Mutters' Day


When all is said and done though, we still believe face-to-face time greatly contributes to getting to know each other, transmitting our vision and sharing our values so we have not lost the personal touch. We have an office that serves as a non-obligatory coworking space, we have annual trips as well as annual in person meetups.

5. End-to-end Solutions πŸ”„

Yes, technically speaking we are consultants but we don't want you to think Mckinsey, Bain or consultancy in it's popular conception. When we tackle a project we get neck deep in the mud and curate the whole process from start to finish participating in every single stage. This includes implementing the solution and training the clients teams to sustain that solution in time; we deliver durable business value.

In short, we take full ownership over our work and recommendations, we learn from our mistakes and improve our solutions and we're able to do so because we participate end-to-end.

In hindsight, we do have one thing in common with the big consultancy agencies: experience. Our team has been implementing ML projects for more than eight years and building Big Data Infrastructures for more than ten. Over this period of time we've successfully deployed more than fifty projects for global customers. We know which roads to take and which to avoid allowing us to guide our clients in their long term solutions.

Have an extra minute? Here's the short video that inspired this section.

Bonus Track: Our Hiring Process

We hope we captured your interest. As a bonus track we've included a short guide on how going through our hiring process works. Let's say you've applied to one of our job searches here or emailed us at, what happens next?

Introduction Call. You'll recieve an invitation to interview with one of our founders. The purpose of this conversation is to get yo know you better. Ideally when we're done you'll know all about our values, our vision and plans for the company for the next three years.

Additionally, it will cover our work culture, give you a sense of our day-to-day work as well as a bit of insight into our clients and our projects.

Finally, we will also cover the traditional aspects of an interview, regarding your CV, background and previous work experience as well as covering our work policies (internships, part-time, full-time, etc), holiday policies and payment policies.

Technical Exam. You will have lots of time (for real, more than a day) to complete an exam in which we will assess your technical skills in an environment which is similar to that of our daily work here at Mutt Data. This exam is mandatory, remote and async. You will be able to ask questions and freely consult sources of information.

Technical Call In this instance, we will review your technical experience going over specifc items with you as well as going over a specific case study. We look forward to hearing about your experiences and learnings.

Cultural Call. Good Job! You've aced your call and test. Almost done, now you'll have one more interview with yet another founder. This time we'll be focusing on cultural fit.

Remember we're trying to figure out if you're a fit with our culture and vision and if we're a fit with your expectations and vision. There's no catch here. The idea is for us to find a new Data Nerd and for you to find a job you love so be yourself and relax. If we're a fit great! If we're not, no harm done, it wasn't meant to be.

Wrapping Up

We hope you've found this post useful, and at least mildly entertaining. If you like what you've read so far, got some mad dev skills and like applying machine-learning to solve tough business challenges, send us your resume!